Gator Pit of Texas Custom BBQ Pits

Are your pits constructed from new steel?

Yes, Gator Pit does not use "Used or Propane tanks" to construct our pits.  We custom-build commercial grills/smokers for restaurants, competition teams, BBQ businesses, etc across the nation and abroad.   We only offer new, high quality steel.  Our steel is purchased from local/national steel suppliers.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

What type of steel are Gator Pits constructed from?

I can tell you the quality of the steel used for our Gator Pits.  I have contacted my steel suppliers and recieved faxed data from the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM International), Volume One , Number 4, published 2003 and is published annually. The title is "Standard Specification for Carbon Structural Steel". According to my steel supplier and the data provided, Gator Pits are constructed with a 36,000 yield point and a 58,000 to 80,000 tensile strength. As far as weight: This is simply a matter of wall thickness and diameter of the carbon steel. Gator Pits are constructed with a minimum of 1/4" thick wall steel including the trailer frames. Customer's can opt for a thicker wall (3/8", 1/2" and greater wall thickness), which will increase the pit's weight.

Are your backyard pits and trailer pits really made by hand?

I can show you my hands and you be the judge.  Yes, I work with my welders everyday building pits.  We make our backyard smokers/grills from raw pipe and other raw steel (all new).  We make our own hinges, doors, legs, etc.  We bend our steel using just a bench vise and a hammer or two.  We use a few welding machines, a torch and a few power hand tools and that is it.  Anyone is welcome to come to our facility and see them in making.  I will be happy to walk you around.

I notice you make your pits 1/4" thick.  Do you make them in a thicker wall, specifically, the firebox?

Yes, Gator Pit can make a pit as thick as you need.  We can make the entire pit (horizontal smoker, vertical smoker box, and firebox) as thick as you need.  You can get a 1/2" thick firebox or insulated firebox.  Contact us for more details.

I noticed from your website, you state that your trailer frames are constructed from 1/4" steel.  How does this different from other custom-pit manufactures?

To my knowledge, I am the only custom-pit designer/manufacturer that actually constructs my pits using at a minimum of 1/4" thick wall x 2" square tubing and heavier/thicker structural steel.  Gator Pit does not simulate square tubing by butting up angle iron and stitch welding the seams to appear as square tubing.  You get the real deal with Gator Pit.

Why would I buy your pit over your competitors?

Answer: First, I will not slam my competitors.  Not good business.  Most make very good pits and it boils down to your preference.  Ask yourself what is it you want and need and does GATOR PIT meet that want and need.  I believe GATOR PIT makes the best custom BBQ pits and we offer quality and features that you just don't get with most other makers.  Check them all out before you buy.  Contact them and ask questions about their pit.  If they can't answer your questions quickly (specs, price, quotes, shipping, etc.), then you may want to deal elsewhere.  In my opinion, that is a red flag that they may not offer great customer service and why can't they quickly answer questions about their own product.  Call the Gator Pit office and we will be happy to speak with you.

Do you design pits other than your standard models listed on your website?

Yes, all the time.  In fact, a lot of our standard models listed were pits we specifically designed for a customer.  If we liked it, we made it a standard model.  We can design and build your dream pit.  Contact us.

Do you make other types of trailer pits other than shown on your website?

Yes, Gator Pit is a true custom pit builder.  There is no way we can show every different pit we make or have made over the years.  There are very few limitations as to what we build and can build.  We place pit photos on our site to give customers an idea of the style, design, and quality of our pits.  The customer can choose one pictured on our site or contact us to design and build to their specifications.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit is required when the pit is ordered.  To keep our prices down, we don't make the pit until you order it.  Therefore, a non-refundable deposit is required at the time of the order.  Deposit depends on the pit ordered.  NO REFUNDS on any orders. Final payment/funds must be received prior to shipping any product.  Personal and business checks are accepted, however, there is a minimum 10 business days allowed for checks to clear the bank before product can be received.  For more information on payments and/or deposits, contact us.

Why can't I order some of your pits on-line?

The reason we do not take online orders is because our pits are custom pits and there are a lot of specifics involved when ordering a GATOR PIT, from shipping questions to customizing the pit. We feel a more personal approach is the best way. That is why we provide an email address and a Toll Free number to our customers.

Do you have any distributors or dealers?

No.  Our pits are custom-made by hand one at a time to ensure quality.  We do not have an "assembly" line type of production to produce in mass quantities.  Usually, it is one welder per pit.  Just to make our smallest pit takes several days to construct and paint.  You can imagine the time it takes to build the big trailer pits.  Not to mention retailer mark-up would make the pits costs more to our customers.  Cheaper to purchase directly by the manufacturer.

What are my payment options?

We accept cashiers checks, personal checks, and money orders as well as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Payment options depends on the pit ordered.  All orders MUST be paid in full at time of completion, pickup, prior to shipping, and delivery.  We also offer lay-a-way and financing.  Contact us for more information.

Can I cook while my tailgating pit is attached to the vehicle?

Yes, our tailgating pits were designed and tested for two years before we offered them for sale.  This is a true tailgating smoker and grill.  However, you can not cook while the vehicle is in motion.  Attach the pit, get to your destination, fire it up, and then cook.  Let cool and lock the doors before transporting.  Our owner's manual contains a lot of do's and don'ts.  Please read before using your tailgating GATOR PIT.

How much do the tailgating pits weigh?

Varies depending on model.  The tailgating smoker combo has a combined weight of approximately 200 lbs.  The pit itself weighs approximately 126 pounds and the grill model 70 pounds.  Two people can easily attach and detach the smoker from the vehicle.  The grill is less in weight and one person can attach and detach it.

Will my tailgate open with the pit attached?

So far, the only vehicle that we are aware of that the door will not fully open is a full size van with double doors (I.E. Chevy Express Van).  Pickup tailgates, SUV's, and small vans (ex: Chevy Astro Van) the doors and gates will open.  Basically, the doors and tailgates will open on most vehicles without having to remove the pit.  However, don't leave the tailgate dropped or doors open when the pit is hot.

Why don't you put square fireboxes on your pits?

We do and can.  This is an option to our pits.  However, it is not standard.  It has been my experience that square fireboxes have a greater chance of burn-out or rusting off.  Over the years, I have replaced many square fireboxes on pits made by various manufacturers.  I can honestly say that I have never had to replace a 1/4" wall pipe firebox.  If you want a firebox to last, a pipe box is better in my opinion. This is why we put charcoal grates in our main cooking chamber on our backyard pits.  If you want to grill on our smokers, put charcoal or wood briquettes in the main area and grill away.  There is nothing you can do on a square firebox pit that you can't do on my GATOR PIT smokers.  Most pits have grill ability as well as smoking ability.  Also, very few custom pit makers make a square firebox with a 1/4" wall.  They are usually 3/16" or less in wall thickness.  If a GATOR PIT customer wants a square firebox, we will make it 1/4" thick or thicker if requested.  That is the only way I will make a square firebox.  If you want the firebox grill ability, we can cut a grill door and place grill grates in our firebox.  Browse our photos and you will see this design.

How long have you been building pits?

I have been building and designing pits since I was 14 years old.  I am now 48 years old as of this July 2014.  I have been selling pits under the GATOR PIT name for several years now.

Do your pits come standard with the 10" All-Terrain wheels shown in your photos?

Yes, most models do.  There are some pits that the all-terrains will not work on.  Some of the larger pits come standard with 10" all-terrain rigids and swivels due to their large size.   Some pits require hard solid tires.  Contact us for more details.

Why does shipping cost so much?

Actually, shipping really is not expensive when you look at the size and weight of what is being shipped.  Cost depends on the pit being shipped and the destination.  Gator Pit has worked with several shipping companies to get the lowest possible rate.  We do not make money off of shipping like some of our competitors may do.  The more rural your area the higher the shipping rate.  Shipping to a residence will increase cost.  All of our backyard pits are very heavy and require a liftgate, forklift, or loading dock to unload.  They charge extra for having to use a liftgate if delivering to a residence or business.  The lowest shipping rate is to have the pit shipped to the nearest shipping terminal to your zip code.  If you don't have a means of getting it home, then you will need to consider having it delivered to your residence and pay the additional charges.  Sometimes it is worth the extra charges.  Our trailer pits are actually pulled to the destination that you provide.  Costs depends on mileage.

Do you deliver locally?

Yes, there is a small fee for "delivery" and an additional fee for "placement".  The delivery fee depends on destination  and can be as little as $85.00.  Delivery is defined as delivery to the address provided.  This does not include Placement.  Placement is defined as actually placing the pit in your backyard, patio, etc.  Contact us for more information.

What should I do if I receive a pit with shipping damage?

Simply refuse delivery and the shipping company will send it back to us.  We will repair or send another pit to you.  This will be at no additional cost to you.  We will deal with the shipping damage claim ourselves so you don't have to.  Note the damage on the shipping documents and notify Gator Pit immediately.  See our order and shipping page above.

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