Gator Pit of Texas Custom BBQ Pits


Total Package Price, as described below: $8,483.31


When folks see this Gator, they know you mean business.  The appearance, alone, screams,

“I am here to Kick Azz.”


This Gator was designed for the competition cooker or mobile Caterer.  It can hold 20-24 pork butts at one time. 10-12 butts each meat rack.  The large tire/wheel combination and 2K trailer hub design makes this large Gator easily maneuverable.  Load and unload off a trailer easily.  And, the D-Rings make it easy to secure the Gator to the four corners of a truck or trailer, using heavy duty ratchet type straps.


See our Youtube video of this exact cooker being loaded into the customer’s utility trailer:


$3,695.00 ¼” x 24” diameter x 60” Long two door version


$625.00 Wide-cut single door w/counterweight to easy open and close top door.  Price includes a deep solid plate front shelf with 1” edging for smooth, clean custom appearance.


$199.90 Dual Birdhouse stacks with stainless steel cool-touch handles


$0.00 Upper and lower full size angle framed sliding meat racks included


$0.00 Stack side access door to easily clean out the smoke chamber


$59.95 2” brass ball valve grease, clean out drain.  ¼” turn opens and closes


$695.00 Tuning Plates for more even temperature cooking.  Adjustable, removable, locking


$79.90 Two probe ports left and right of door.  Threaded removable plugs


$99.95 Four ½” folding D-Rings welded at four leg corners to easily secure to a trailer when moving


$0.00 Heavy duty 2” angle framed expanded metal lower storage area for wood, etc.


$795.00 ½” x 24” x 24” square firebox


$59.90 Dual dial style air vents with stainless steel cool-touch handles


$0.00 ¼” thick x 1.5” expanded metal angle framed fire grate with reinforced center support


$1,995.00 12”-14” Golf Cart Kit.  Custom Golf Cart black and silver wheels with All-Terrain tires, chrome center caps and lug nuts (Style is subject to availability).  Price may vary, depending on current costs and style of tires and wheels.


Wheel bump stops so no over steering when turning left or right


Sits on two heavy duty axles and four 2K trailer hubs, packed grease wheel bearings


T-Handle steering.  Locks out of the way in the upward position.  Handle can be easily and quickly removed from the cooker with the pull of one locking pin.


Steering mechanism is the same heavy duty 2K trailer hub, packed grease wheel bearings and chrome lug nuts with a spindle shaft.  You will never replace or break this system.

Extreme overkill, but that is Gator Pit quality.



Gator’s CUSTOM PRO SHOP Options Available:  Limited ONLY to the custom options listed below  Due to your Gator’s unique design & customization, lead time will be extended from the standard featured model above.



Reverse Flow design for more even cooking temperature.  Steel plate welded inside, smoker stack placed on firebox side of main chamber.  $350.00


BBQ Rubs: Riley's Red Rub, Riley's Sweet Pecan, Smoky and Bold  - 1 lb. bag of your choice $12.99 Each


BBQ Sauce: Riley's Triple R BBQ Sauce- 16 oz. bottle $7.99 Each


Smoking woods:  Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, Pecan.   Avg. 50lbs. bags $21.00 per 50 pound bag.  We can ship with your cooker.




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