Gator Pit of Texas Custom BBQ Pits


Total Package Price:  $2,245.00


Single door horizontal smoker is 1/4" thick wall new pipe with a 20" x 36" main cooking chamber. Main chamber has lower 3/4" angle-framed sliding pull-out food trays and a removable top half food tray. A full-size heat deflector/baffle. Main door is equipped with stainless steel 3"-dial easy-to-read temperature gauge. A 1 1/2" grease drain with removable cap. Stack side-access door provides easy access to the main chamber charcoal grate for grilling foods. All doors have 1" flanges on all four sides for a tight seal and stainless steel cool-touch handles. Adjustable smoke stack.


1/4" thick x 20" x 20" round firebox Firebox is fitted with a heavy-duty angle-framed removable wood grating and an adjustable air-intake vent. Stainless steel cool-touch handle.Full-length angle-framed front shelf that wraps over the firebox. Pot of beans, water, chili, etc can be heated or kept warm. 20" x 36" Lower log rack is framed in 2" angle iron for extra strength. Pit is equipped with two heavy-duty rigid hard wheels and two heavy-duty swivel hard wheels for mobility.


Great smoker and grill combo.


All food trays are framed in 3/4" angle and are sliding for extra strength.


Gator’s CUSTOM PRO SHOP Options Available:  Due to your Gator’s unique design & customization, lead time will be extended from the standard featured model above.

Tel Tru Gator Gauge Model GT300R Upgrade $59.57


Gator Pit Guru adapter vent dial.  Fits the Guru Bulkhead/fan mount. Requires one. Each  $85.00


Gator’s Birdhouse smoke stacks w/stainless cool touch handle.  Each $95


Stainless steel cool touch handle on firebox air vent dials.  Requires one. Each $25.00


Adjustable, Locking, Removable ¼” thick Tuning Plates for more even temperature cooking.  Makes cooking easier and burns less fuel. $325.00


Food-grade 304 brushed stainless steel front shelf. Gator badge etched on top.  Apprx. 12"x 37" $375.00


Drop down front shelf on main chamber approximately 10” x 35”.  You will lose the shelf in front of the firebox.  $85.00


Change from ¼” round firebox to ¼” x 20” x 20” square firebox $250.00


Upgrade to 1/2" thick 20"x20" square firebox. Better heat retention, uses less fuel, better in cold or wet weather. $495.00


Charcoal Basket - angle-frame, 3/4" expanded metal with Gator’s T-Plates for 6-8 hours of burn time. $195.00


Gas assist firebox. Includes regulator hose, removable tank holder, side 1/2" brass control valve $575.00


160,000 BTU fryer. Includes commercial cast-iron burner, tank holder, regulator hose, 1/2" brass control valve. $695.00


Grill firebox with top lid, angle framed sliding food tray.  Great for quick grilling steaks, burgers, hotdogs, chicken, veggies, etc.  $295.00


2" Brass ball valve grease drain, commercial-grade. 1/4-turn large rubber handle $59.50


Ash rake with two stainless steel cool-touch handles and rear storage hanger $55.00


Fire Poker with stainless steel cool-touch handles and rear storage hanger $55.00


Utensil hanger $10.00 each


Paper towel hanger on front shelf $35.00


BBQ Rubs: Riley's Red Rub, Riley's Sweet Pecan, Smoky and Bold  - 1 lb. bag of your choice $11.99 Each  11 oz. shaker bottles $9.50


BBQ Sauce: Riley's Triple R BBQ Sauce- 16 oz. bottle $6.99 Each


Smoking woods:  Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, Pecan.   Avg. 50lbs. bags $21.00 per 50 pound bag.  We can ship with your cooker.

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